Pink Ink

Pink Ink is a memoir of Harry Cook's life, his career in show business, his intense battle with addiction and ultimately his resilience and push to find acceptance within himself.

In 2013, at age 22 and after years of struggling with his sexuality, Harry came out publicly to his fans on YouTube. At the time, Harry feared the impact his coming out would have on his career, but knew he had to be true to himself. The video went viral overnight and Harry became front page news in Australia, the UK and the USA. Since coming out, Harry has been at the forefront of LGBTQI Activism both nationally and internationally.

The book spans across Harry’s life from moving to Australia to landing his first major film role, travelling to the Maldives to shoot a surf thriller movie (without being able to surf), attending the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City for his first world movie premiere; and also the darker days of coming out, his severe battle with alcoholism and addiction and his time in a rehab facility at age 19.

Pink Ink also covers Harry finding love just a month after getting out of rehab, rebuilding his career, getting married, and fighting for equality back home in Australia. Harry’s story is both touching and hilarious, warm and gritty.

“This book is full of charm, laughs, heart and tears. I couldn’t put it down.”
Sarah Colonna , Comedian/Chelsea Lately/NY Times best-selling author
"This is not your average coming out story. This is an origin story. It’s Harry’s world and it’s inspiring and fabulous." 
David Campbell, The Today Show, Beautiful the Musical

Harry Cook introduces us to Pink Ink